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About Us

We were born from the desire to shift candidate screening, viewed as time wasted, to unique and engaging candidate experience. Our platform allows to set you apart as an innovative company with accessible and efficient recruitment process respectful of both parties' time and effort.


To create a better way of conducting job interviews not only for Small Businesses but for many job seekers to maximize their employment opportunities.


SelectPop seeks to create and promote the unique approach of pre-screening and time-saving in selecting ideal job candidates for SMALL BUSINESSES; a chance at many interviews that are now affordable to "travel to" for PEOPLE; and for EMPLOYERS to be proud of.

Our business idea supports this mission by offering a specific, well-designed platform that as many companies as possible will be able to afford.

Core Values:

To be relevant; Respect and Honesty to our colleagues, customers, and consumers. Accessibility, Resilience, Dignity, Efficiency.