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Hire the Right candidates with video interviews:

For the Candidates:

Eliminate space and time barriers
  • One-time interview setup
  • No time spent on phone interview scheduling
  • Level playing field
  • Make time zone irrelevant
  • Mobile friendly
Modern recruitment approach
  • Create text-based questions
  • Control think and response time
  • Standardize your hiring practices
Review candidates' video replies on your own time
  • Log-in from anywhere
  • Easily compare candidates to make faster decisions
  • Document your thoughts
  • Send customized and automated emails
  • Eliminate "fake" candidates
See the real person behind the CV to hire the right
  • Expand the pool of candidates
  • Engage interview and hire best talent faster
  • Ensure industry compliance
  • Secure cloud-based platform
  • Know more about your candidate
Sharpen your interview skills
  • Practice to look good on video
  • Take multiple practice interviews