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I start every morning by listening to one of the subscribed podcasts. Today I chose HRB Ideacast – “Adapting Negotiations to a Remote World” with Leigh Thompson, who shared a few insights.

Leigh Thompson, professor at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, studies negotiations to understand the path to the “sweet spot” where all sides of the table come away happy. She recently published the book “Finding the Sweet Spot: The Art of Leaving Nothing on the Table”

book with simple and proven negotiating techniques

What I love about this podcast is that it gives simple and proven negotiating techniques for all of us. Things that we can use during sales calls, while we are negotiating salary requirements or promotions.

One of the first things that I did right after finishing listening is that I went to Zoom ( and updated my profile pictures. We all experience a “zoom fatigue” when we turn our camera’s off and having your picture, instead of a black box makes a big difference.

I will also look for and print images to represent an engaging audience to use while giving podcasts and virtual interviews or even during sales “calls” – it is a nice morale-boosting quick thing that would definitely help.

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We now live in a different world where we need to concentrate on humanizing our interactions. It is one of the main reasons that we created – a video recruitment platform.

It helps to amplify the candidate’s human potential “… if I can see you, then I’m going to have a little bit more goodwill released on a hormonal level that’s going to help us in this negotiation” – explained by the professor.

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